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torta esotica

Exotic fruit cake

Here is the composition of my cake with exotic fruits: coconut sablée with coconut and lime frangipane, composed of papaya, mango and passion fruit, currant gelée, mascarpone creamy with a top layer of coconut and lime mousse with a papaya gelée insert, covered with exotic elastic gelatin.


Violet Tart

Short pastry with violet and almond, almond frangipani, fig jam, creamy with violet and chocolate mousse. Do you like it? Let me know in the comments below.


"Exotic Sicily" Pie

Here’s my tart "Exotic Sicily". Pistachio shortbread, pistachio frangipane, mango compote, passion fruit and papaya, pistachio mousse and passion fruit gelée. What do you think about it?

banana bread

Banana bread

Here is my version of banana bread... I love it! Soft and tasty it is perfect both for breakfast and as a dessert to share with friends. Ready to cook?


Peanut tart

Peanut short pastry with peanut frangipani, salted soft caramel and peanuts. Do you want to find out how salted caramel is made? Look at my #DamianoTips here.


Rhubarb and cherries modern cake

Streusel base recomposed with white chocolate and coconut, vanilla mousse, raspberry biscuit insert with sautéed cherries, rhubarb and raspberry gelèe, crunchy wafer with puffed rice and raspberry. Mirror glaze with mousse and rhubarb sticks. A fresh taste with different textures.


Raspberry modern tart

A really tasty modern tard for those who love lamponi. Pistachio shortbread, pistachio frangipani with fresh raspberries, cookedwhite chocolate ganache, composed of raspberries and fresh raspberries.😍